We are leading manufacturer and exporter of
PTFE parts products.

PTFE O-Ring Manufacturer

PTFE O-Ring Manufacturer in India

Hari-om engineers – a leading manufacturer and exporter of PTFE parts products & a renowned manufacturer of PTFE and related specialty products. Prime supply quality is not an accident; it is the result of a concerted effort. We believe in working effectively and efficiently to provide items that completely meet the needs of our customers.

We produce and distribute PTFE materials from across the world, as well as compressor spares for a variety of industries. We work hard to maintain and expand our global export markets.

Hari-om engineers – a leading manufacturer and exporter of PTFE parts products, we are a well-known Hydraulic Sealing Rubber Products manufacturer, exporter, dealer, and wholesaler. Because of our abrasion resistance, low wear and tear, strong thermal conductivity, and wide temperature range, their goods are widely used.

Our company has grown to become one of the top producers, exporters, dealers, and distributors of Hydraulic Sealing Rubber Products, thanks to our extensive expertise in the rubber business. In the automobile and aerospace sectors, rubber materials are widely used. D.A / Glyd Seal with Nbr/Fkm O Ring, Step/ Rod Seal with Nbr/Fkm O Ring, Chevron Set are among the hydraulic sealing products available.

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