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We are one the most recognized Manufacturers and Exporters of PTFE and Carbon PTFE Filled products. As Polytetrapolyethylene itself has high versatility and extraordinary frictional properties, so when it gets loaded up with carbon, it shapes a Carbon Filled PTFE Bush. We give a remarkable collection of Carbon Filled PTFE Bush in Maharashtra for Rotary Joints that has awesome mechanical quality and extraordinary wear properties. This sort of filled bush is hugely utilized in electronic applications. It is compacted in design with extraordinary protecting and chemical resistant properties. We are offering Carbon Filled PTFE In Kolhapur, Maharashtra, . Our clients can pick up this product according to their necessities. The creative properties of PTFE Machining Products & PTFE Parts give it grouped application in various industries, for example, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, thermal and atomic force plants, Railways, machine instruments producing and so on. Attributable to its protection from synthetic substances and solidness, this offered cylinder is profoundly acclaimed among the clients we have.

Features of Carbon Filled PTFE

  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Very economical
  • Improved wear resistance under load
  • High percentage fillers mean low elongation
  • Conductivity can be a problem


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