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About filled PTFE:

  • PTFE 25 percent Carbon Filled Black Rod is a high-performance synthetic fluoropolymer with a significant improvement in electrical qualities, deformation strength, and wear and abrasion resistance thanks to the carbon fibre.
  • Carbon is a brittle substance with low wear resistance and mechanical strength. However, after combining PTFE with carbon fibres, the new material possesses outstanding mechanical and wear qualities. The 25 percent carbon filled PTFE rods are a suitable choice for seals and rings in dynamic and high pressure applications, and the carbon filled PTFE formulation offers outstanding friction qualities.
  • Carbon filled PTFE also has a high heat conductivity and low permeability, making it an excellent anti-static material. PTFE carbon filled rods are often used in the aerospace and electrical sectors.
  • PTFE 25% Glass Filled White Rod is a high-performance synthetic fluoropolymer with a glass fibre component that improves mechanical strength, wear resistance, and compressive qualities by up to 40%.
  • PTFE Rod's long-term service temperature range is -200°C to 260°C, with a maximum short-term service temperature of 300°C.
  • These PTFE rods have a glass fibre reinforcement of 25%. The addition of glass fibre enhances wear qualities and, to a lesser extent, deformation strength under load, while leaving the electrical and chemical properties largely unaffected.
  • It's vital to note, however, that glass has a low tolerance to alkalis and is readily harmed by hydrofluoric acid. The coefficient of friction has also been raised somewhat.

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