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Rider Rings for Reciprocating Compressor

Rider Rings for Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturers

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Pistons in reciprocating compressors work against pressure and require a sliding seal to compress the gas without leaking beyond the piston. For optimal cylinder capacity and efficiency, the piston rings offer this sealing. Only the dynamic pressure component fluctuating between suction and discharge pressure affects the piston sealing parts. The gas pressure pushing the piston ring outward against the cylinder wall and side of the ring causes sealing.

The cylinder liner is protected by rider bands from contact with the piston. (They also allow operations that are affected by lube oil to operate with a lower lubrication supply rate.) The rider bears the weight of the piston plus one-half of the rod. The anticipated contact area of a 120 arc (=0.866DW) is assumed to carry this load. For non-lubricated cylinders, loading is typically acceptable if kept below 5 psi. The American Petroleum Institute Standard API 618 restricts rider loading to 10 psi for lubricated service, however this has been effectively expanded to more than 70 psi in a variety of applications with better new materials. One of the biggest issues with riders is that they can't pressure actuate like sealing rings. The angle cut rider ring with side relief grooves and occasionally face relief grooves is generally used in the center of the piston between the piston rings to prevent the ring from acting as a seal ring. Rider ring is positioned after the piston rings in single-acting pistons. The rider ring is positioned between the piston rings in a double-acting system. When the distance between the rider ring and the piston O.D. is decreased to 20% of its original value, the rider rings should be replaced or a minimum of 0.25 mm.

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